Did you know, that handheld eBook Readers are gaining more and more popularity in all age groups. Times have changed and it’s no longer necessary to collect hundreds or thousands of paper back books on the shelves and carry heavy books around, when you need them. Learning and reading books became now very convenient.

Portable eBook reader such as Kindle can hold more than three thousand eBooks, stored digitally in one compact device, allow you to take your entire library wherever you go. People are using eBook readers everywhere, on travels, outdoors and indoors. Kindle eBook readers have paper-like screen technology making it easy to read even in bright sunshine.

Because of the convenience handheld eBook readers are in-demand among students and book lovers for reading eBooks and learning – away from the computer, as wireless eBook readers don’t need to be plugged in. Advanced eBook readers allow you to download books, magazines, newspapers, PDF files anywhere and anytime.

Since Amazon debuted their first cool electronic gadget Kindle, new innovations have been made and Kindle DX is now even better. Here is why Kindle is our favourite device and preferred by many bookworms:

* Kindle DX portable eBook reader lets you carry around an entire library: books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, your own documents and photos in the lightweight device

* Built-in Wi-Fi and free 3G wireless let you download content on the go

* Built-in access to Wikipedia.org and New Oxford American Dictionary

* Kindle portable eBook reader has free classics and pre-1923 titles

* You can read samples of a new author or eBook before deciding to purchase

* This handheld eBook reader has a best search feature, that lets you find information in your eBook, your library or the Web, and displays 6 results per page with 5 lines per search result

* Built-in PDF reader can store and take your documents with you

* Auto-rotating screen auto-rotates from portrait to landscape as you turn the device, which enables to view full-width graphs, tables, maps, and Web pages

* Support of Audible audiobooks, there are sources for free audiobooks (Librivox)

* Kindle DX eBook reader has built-in Twitter and Facebook

* The text-to-speech feature can read books, newspapers, magazines and blogs out loud to you

* The eInk, 9,7″ screen, electronic paper display works in sunlight, and there’s no eye-strain. Kindle has adjustable font size and style

* You can transfer MP3 files to Kindle to play as background music while you read (you can’t see a playlist or which song you are playing)

* It’s only 0.38″ thin, weight is 18,9 ounces; it doesn’t fit in the small purse

* Kindle devices are designed for reading, but if you like taking a break to play a few games, Kindle has built-in version of Minesweeper, free games such as Every Word and Shuffled Row, or you can buy game such as Solitaire

If reading only is your main priority and the other features are not important to you, New Kindle 3 or Kindle Wi-Fi portable ebook reader could be better choice.
Kindle 3 is mainly focused on reading only. Kindle 3 has both WiFi and 3G (for frequent traveller without having to find Wi-Fi hotspots, Kindle 3G is a better option than Kindle Wi-Fi for downloading purpose).
Kindle Wi-Fi differs from Kindle 3 only for not having free 3G. For browsing and downloading it needs access to Wi-Fi network like home wireless network, or AT&T hotspots.

If you need a multipurpose device for playing games, internet browsing, watching videos, sharing photos, and reading is not your priority, the Apple iPad would be a better option. The iPad is a computer, which has many functions including the e-book reader, LED-backlit screen makes it easy to read in low light, but it lacks the e-ink technology and it is difficult to read under bright conditions. Kindle devices are designed mainly for reading, the eInk, paper-like screen technology is easy on the eyes even in bright sunshine.

If you are a book lover or a student, you too may love the new way to read and and carry your books with you on a small device. EBooks are about half the price of hardcover books, you’ll actually save money in the long run.